Ghostracer is an android app for training with real time virtual competitors

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Make every run and cycle your best

The Ghostracer Fitness GPS tracker app connects to STRAVA and gives you an easy to read dashboard to run and cycle against virtual partners (ghosts) in real time over multiple segments, be it your personal best or the KOM.

Real time Strava segments

Race against Strava segments in real time. Beat your personal best or challenge the top of the leader board. Upload your activity straight to Strava

Run & Ride

Ghosts Start and Stop automatically keeping you free to ride/run

External Displays

The ultimate running partner, a quick glance at your watch will inform you if you’re on target or getting left behind.

GPX files

Race against a GPX file or simply use it to follow a route. You can also export it.

Google Maps

Segments and routes are displayed on Google maps keeping you going in the right direction

Bluetooth & Ant+

Get data from heart rate monitors, power meters, speed and cadence sensors


Receive live feedback with audio updates of split times and distance

Ghostracer Peripherals

Ghostracer supports the following:

Sony Smartwatch 2

Use your the sony smartwatch 2 to keep Ghostracer info ready at all times. With support for low powermode information is always displayed during your activity


Use the reflkt as your ghostracer display. Set up the screens to show the information you want.

Android wear

Supporting Android watches and the Sony smartwatch 3 with its inbuilt gps, record your ride/run without the need for your phone.

Stay Safe

Look where you’re going and stay safe. Ghostracer is here to push your endurance, not to take risks.

“This is what Strava/Endomondo/Runtastic is suppose to do on your smartwatch”

Christiaan Grundling

Download for free

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Ghostracer Community

Help make the app better,  join the following:

Google+ Community

Join the Google+ community and become a Ghostracer Beta tester. 

XDA Developers

Join the disccusuion at xda about Ghostracer and Smartwatch 3.

From the Log

  • Ghosts

    The main reason Ghostracer came into existence was so that you could compare your ride/run against a virtual competitor in real-time. Namely focusing on comparing you to Strava segments. Ghosts can be added from clicking the plus icon on the action bar. Or if Strava is enabled clicking the magnifying glass on the Google map […] Read more

  • Android Wear FAQ

    Q My last run with the watch is not uploading and nothing is exported in a GPX file. What can I do. A On rare occasions the database from the watch is not converted into a database on the phone correctly. To re-save the last activity go to Settings->Android Wear->Re-add last activity. Q Why does […] Read more

  • Sony Smartwatch 3 – GPS Standalone App Testing

    The Ghostracer beta app is now supporting standalone features of the Sony Smartwatch 3 Read more

  • Sony Smartwatch 2 – GPS

    New Ghostracer update, with video showing the new map page on the Sony smartwatch Read more

  • Bluetooth Low Energy and the RFLKT

    New features are Bluetooth low energy compatibility. So heart rate devices should be compatible with the ghostracer Read more

Change Log

-Android 5.0 compatible
-Added activity history
-Added Strava auto upload option
-Ant+ updated to latest version
-Added 29er wheel sizes
-Added pages for Strava starred segments
-RFLKT Customise pages
-Option to change google map type, eg Terrain
-Sony Smartwatch 2 map option. Still in beta, turn on in options
-Option to change recording intervals
-Bluetooth Low Energy support
-Wahoo rflkt support
-Low power sony smartwatch

Upcoming Features

– Sony Smartwatch 3

Bugs and Suggestions

If you need help, have experienced a bug or have ideas how to improve Ghostracer please email and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.