September 07, 2014

Bluetooth Low Energy and the RFLKT

Updated the Ghostracer app last week. Main new features are Bluetooth low energy compatibility. So heart rate devices and the like should be compatible with the ghostracer if running android >= 4.3.

I’ve been mostly testing with the Mio Link heart rate monitor. I’ve had mixed results with the device. Several times I’ve been pushing hard on the bike and its been showing a heart rate in the 90’s. It could be a problem with light interference, though I’m left with a hefty strap mark on my arm and am unwilling to get it any tighter.

Also now been supported is the Wahoo fitness device the RFLKT. Its very early in development and is missing the ability to configure its screen but hopefully that will come soon.

For now there are three screens. Screen one shown above shows: time, heartrate, speed, average speed and distance.

Screen two is configured towards the current ghost and shows: Ghost name, heartrate, speed, split speed and split time.

Screen three appears when a ghost is complete and shows: Ghost name, average speed, time taken and time difference.

Ive been enjoying using the RFLKT and has a few advantages over using my Sony SmartWatch.

  • It has a bigger screen to show more data.
  • Its battery does not need charging all the time.
  • It clips on using Garmin quarter turn.

Next up on the to do list is showing the segment routes and your position on the RFLKT and the Sony SmartWatch. Like a simple map.

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