January 05, 2016


The main reason Ghostracer came into existence was so that you could compare your ride/run against a virtual competitor in real-time. Namely focusing on comparing you to Strava segments.

Ghosts can be added from clicking the plus icon on the action bar. Or if Strava is enabled clicking the magnifying glass on the Google map will display Strava segments that you can select.

Apart from adding a manual Ghost, Ghosts are started and stopped automatically. This is done by the app creating a virtual start and finish line based on the first and last locations of the Ghost. The virtual lines check which direction you are going. Which means you do not start Ghosts when going down the road in the opposite direction.
Manual Ghosts you simply put in your target time or speed and this starts as soon as you start running.

Because you can be on numerous Ghosts at one time and there’s no separate field for each ghost on the main recording screen or on android wear, the app displays which it thinks is most important. The most import is the Ghost that has the least distance left.

Ghost settings
There’s only a couple of options for editing Ghosts, to get to them click the Ghost, then on the Ghost detail page select edit for the action bar.

Guide Only
This is an option to just use the Ghost as a route guide. There will be no time comparisons. This is the default of an imported GPX file that has no time data. The only metric shown in the display fields relating to this ghost is distance left(finish). This is calculated by finding the nearest point on the route to your current location, then working out the remaining distance. Because this just finds out distance remaining there’s no issue with having to start the Ghost at the beginning.

Auto Cancel
When enabled this stops a Ghost when you continually go off line from the given path. This is useful when you start a Ghost you are going to do later or change your mind on your route mid run/ride and saves you having to get your phone out to cancel the Ghost, as otherwise it would never finish.


Android Wear

To use ghosts on android wear in standalone mode you need to transfere them to the watch. To do this wipe down on the watch to get to the Ghosts page. On this page in the top right corner is a sync button, this will copy them across. Ghost from the phone should now appear as a list on the screen.

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