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Sony Smartwatch 2 – GPS

Just released a new updated. This video shows the new map page on the Sony smartwatch. I’ve been running a few new trails recently and kept getting my phone out to see where I was going. So hopefully now it will be just a quick glance at the watch. Its still in its early stages and I’ve had the smartwatch lose responsiveness a few times while testing so its by no means perfect. You can turn it on and off in the Smartwatch settings.

Also in there is the option for auto zoom. This simply zooms in to the maximum zoom whilst still showing you and the route. If you dont like that then manual zoom allows you to press the left and right side of the screen to zoom out and in respectively.

Other updates to the smartwatch include changes to the navigation. Now swiping just toggles though the pages instead of going left or right. I was noticing a lot of occasions when my swipe was been registered as up and down and therefore not doing anything.

There’s a few new changes to the RFLKT, namely the apps using an updated api from wahoo. Apparently this increases the responsiveness of the device among other things. Also ive added the option to turn on the back light on the device. Now its winter its night time riding season again.

Hopefully get some more updates out soon, like custom screens on the RFLKT and such. Also I’ve got my order placed for a new android wear watch. I’ve gone for the Sony again, with inbuilt gps it will hopeful work  running a version of Ghostracer without the need for a phone.

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