January 11, 2015

Sony Smartwatch 3 – GPS Standalone App Testing

Sony Smartwatch 3 GPS tracker

I am currently developing support for the standalone features of the Sony Smartwatch 3 which is currently in the testing stage.

If you don’t know, Ghostracer app is a running and cycling gps tracking app for Android where you can train against ‘ghosts’ during you run/ride and includes Strava real time segments. You can read all about it on the Ghostracer page.

To begin using Ghostracer with the Sony Smartwatch 3 follow the instructions below. If you have any problems you can get more information and post questions at the xda forum page and on the google community page.

Installation for Sony Smartwatch 3

First you need to install the app which you can download from google play:

To install the beta version you must first join this google community group :

Then click this link to become a tester:

Then Beta updates should be available to upgrade/download. The current beta is .74

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